Västra Spöland

November 20, 2016

I’ve developed yet another new routine. I hope this one will work out well. To spend half an hour a day on photography. Considering my current situation this should be realistic. This year has been heavily dominated by theology studies and family life, and a struggle has been to regularly find time for photography in-between all the other everyday tasks.

Having a goal which I will measure in time spent instead of completed tasks should work out better than previous goals.




July 5, 2016

An audience shot can sometimes illustrate the concert experience better than a scene photo.

People, Places


July 4, 2016

Opened up some random folders. Found this… from seven years ago… it’s a strange, sweet feeling to realise how long I’ve been doing this. Nine years of photography. Some more successful than others. Lots of searching for whatever could be my “voice”. Still searching for it. Both by looking back and looking around me in the everyday life. And once in a while I find a photo from way back which seems to connect with me. It’s hard to describe what makes it do that and explain why some photos have that ability, and not others. But that’s the big task for every photographer I guess. To take and find those photos which pops out, communicates and means something to someone. If a photo means something for only the photographer, then it has achieved something. But hopefully by sharing them they will start mean something to other people as well.



July 1, 2016

Archive work tonight. Looking back. This one is from inside the monument to the battle of the nations in Leipzig.



June 29, 2016

The light was beautiful during the evening barbecue at a church gathering (CELC) at Lepikko near Vasa.