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Västra Spöland

December 25, 2015

When the baby is asleep it’s possible to find time for some photography work, which is the case right now. I’m slowly starting to dig into the 2015 archive since it’s soon time for the annual the year in photos. This recent winter view from our kitchen window is one of the current candidates. I think it will be a collection dominated by “silent photos” with reflections and shapes such as this one. I think this year I’ve settled with the style I have. I’ve had to tell myself a photo doesn’t necessarily have to have a person in it to be interesting. And I think it’s when you’re able to settle with the style you have that you will start making good photographs, because they will be interesting to you and you will be motivated to continue. Why am I writing this? Because for some years I’ve searched and struggled with my photography because I took photographs in a certain way and published certain photos on this website because I was trying to please others in order to get work from them. This may have resulted in some good shots for sure, but since the motivation for taking the photographs was all wrong in the first place I didn’t find much joy in my photography. And when the joy disappears I think it will eventually show itself in most of the work. This year I’ve been able to break this trend and feel more free when choosing what and how to take photos. Therefore I’m looking forward to publish my favorites from 2015.



December 22, 2015

My familiar surroundings have started becoming too familiar for me. Ever since I moved to the village Västra Spöland I’ve been very enthusiastic about photographing the place, but this year I’ve noticed a growing lack of motivation for documenting “my village” even though I get some good shots now and then while at home. And I have a dream project in mind still; a project I started last year but quickly put on pause and which I keep on delaying. Fingers crossed I will press play soon!

On a more positive note: This year travelling has really helped trigger my desire to take photographs. Here’s a photo I took while travelling to the Lutheran Seminary in Leipzig Germany where I studied for a week (yes, theologic studies has occupied a large amount of my time this year). I found myself back to the habit of photographing out of windows



September 25, 2015

Now I’m posting photos simultaneously to my ongoing archive digging. Whenever I find something interesting I’m going to post it here. So, the website will finally serve a purpose which makes sense to me.

I didn’t have to dig far to find this one; only five days back when visiting my hometown Ålgård. Reflections has become something I keep looking for when I’m out shooting. I could write something deep and sophisticated about that, but it’s actually really simple: Reflections look good and they make photos more alive.